AUSSI ADVENTURE 2017 - Itinerary


9.30am: CONCERT: Banora Point Church of Christ


5.30pm: CONCERT: Discovery Parks Dubbo


5.30pm: CONCERT: Balranald Caravan Park




6.00pm: Belair: Holy Innocents Anglican Church


Master Class Palmers Education


7.00pm: House Concert - Adelaide


9.00am: School Assembly – Pilgrim School, Aberfoyle Pk


8.30am: Parkdale Uniting Church

10.30am: Parkdale Uniting Church

7.00pm: Melbourne Indiginous Church Fellowship


2.00pm: House Concert – Lysterfield


7.00pm: SYDNEY – Macquarie Fields


7.30pm: CANBERRA




Stories and songs with Steve and Ainsley Apirana

We will be touring Australia in April, May and June this year. We have divided our trip into two parts – a northern and a southern, with a short break at home between the two. We apologise to those who will not be seeing us this time. Karumba and Alice Springs in - we did hope to get to you as well but it has proved impossible logistically so we will just have to plan another Aussi adventure along the track – 2018 should be a better year for that.

We are still looking for places to play in Cairns and Melbourne so get in now if you want us to come to you. Dates are filling up fast

Tour Dates: February 17th to March 20th 2017 follow us on Facebook.

It has been far too long since our last newsletter – please accept our apologies. We have enjoyed having a couple of months of downtime after a busy year of touring and are now feeling refreshed and ready to embark on a new year. It has not been totally holiday time: Steve spent the month of December working extremely hard on almost 50 songs for the New Years Eve gig in which he was guitar player for the Famularo Family Band, and we have continued to play our Maroochy Surf Club gig once a month, as well as two short trips to Bargara and Maryborough. We have still been able to make the most of the few months at home to relax, catch up with family, attack some necessary chores around the house and garden, while making sure we had some time to enjoy a few real days off - cycling in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

In Brisbane we followed Kedron Brook from Brookside to Toombull (my old stomping ground) with good friends Mat and Boyd. On another day we parked our van in Hamilton, took the ferry up the Brisbane River to Southbank and cycled all the way back along the river. Brisbane is such a beautiful city and I can recommend the cycle trails. They are a wonderful way to see the sights. Closer to home, we cycled along the Noosa River to its mouth so we could laze about in the river and cool off – the only place to be on these extremely hot days.

Steve and I have been inspired during our time off to learn some new songs and are enjoying having some new material. The next step will be to write some of our own – a good project for the winter months.

We are looking forward to three tours in the months to come:

a)   Summertime in New Zealand: February 17 to March 20

b)   Australia – Halfway Round: April to June

c)   Europe Revisited: July to November

The New Zealand itinerary follows:


Tour Dates: NEW ZEALAND February 17th to March 20th

. Friday 17th Feb: Flight to Auckland 11.20am – 5.30pm

. Sunday 19th Feb: AUCKLAND

 8.30am and 9.15am: The Upper Room

 . Monday 20th Feb: KATIKATI

7pm: Concert @ Katikati Christian Centre

. Saturday 25th Feb: PAEKAKARIKI

 8.00pm: Concert in St Peter’s Community Hall

. Sunday 26th Feb: KAPATI COAST - TBC

. Monday 27th Feb: 9am: FERRY CROSSING Bands on Board

. Wednesday 1st March: CHRISTCHURCH

7pm: Concert @ St Mary’s Addington

. Saturday 4th March: CHRISTCHURCH

7pm: Concert @ Opawa Methodist

. Sunday 5th March: RANGIORA

10am Service @ Rangiora Baptist (111 East Belt, Rangiora)

. Tuesday 7th March: House Meeting

. Sunday 12th March: NELSON 

7pm: Concert @ Nelson Cathedral (Trafalgar St)

. Thursday 16th March: 2.15pm FERRY CROSSING Bands on Board

. Friday 17th March: TAURANGA

7pm: Concert @ Bethlehem Community Church (183 Moffat Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga)

. Sunday 19th March: AUCKLAND

10am: The Mission North, 9 Wainui Rd,  Silverdale

. Monday 20th March: FLIGHT to Brisbane 11.20am to 5.30pm


Our Australian sojourn is still just an outline. If you would like us to come to your area please let us know so we can pencil you in. We leave home, heading north in the beginning of April, first stop Yeppoon on the 14th April. We then head north to Mackay, Bowen, and Cairns; across to Karumba on the gulf; head west to Alice Springs and south to Adelaide; east to Melbourne and back home through Victoria and New South Wales, to be home by mid June.

Europe is very much in our heart – it will be the sixth time for Steve and the 5th time for me that we have worked with Atlantic Bridge and John and Donna Oostdyke. Our association with these wonderful people goes back to 1994 when John rang to ask if Steve would come to Europe for four months. He had seen Steve’s photo in the advertising for Greenbelt festival in England and felt sure he would work well in his multicultural exchange program. Steve, at the time was away on tour, so I took the phone call and told John that Steve could only come if his family could join him, expecting to be turned down. What resulted was a seven-month family tour to USA, UK and Europe that was to be repeated several times over these last 22 years. It is a great joy for us to be once again able to work with this vibrant organization and to see once more the many friends we have made across Europe and in the States in connection with it.

We have a great deal to do to put these tours together but look forward to the process and to the final outcome. We do appreciate your prayers and support and once again hope you will join with us in helping make this a successful year.

All the very best to you as we all take the first steps into this new year.

With every blessing

Steve and Ainsley

Jesus said go into all the world and make disciples of  the nations; He said love one another as I have loved you. He came to bring peace, he came to bring joy, he taught us to forgive. His example has lived through 2000 years, changing people’s lives through the ages. We are honoured to call ourselves by his name.

The first band tour in a few years, this was an extraordinary experience. We traveled with the Band - five boys from Hamilton, soundman Dan, Aaron’s daughter Paris (a late inclusion and highlight at each concert singing “Love Love Love” from Avalanche City), and Stu joining us as roadie and Harmonica player for the Tongariro and Taranaki gigs.

1966. I was 14 at the time, ( work it out if you must ), Kawhia Town Hall. The Fred Porima Band. I was the drummer,never played the drums before but my brother Brownie told Fred I could play so we could get in for free. No rehearsal,just get behind the drums and hit them and don't slow down or speed up. I lasted an hour and a half before Hono Pikia turned up and took over because he was a much better drummer, plus he used the bass pedal. I was demoted to rhythm guitar. Nevertheless it was my first experience as a bona fide band member and sparked a desire that only "being in a band "could satisfy.

21st June 2016


Home again after “There and Back” we are tired but full of gratitude for these last six weeks on the road; happy to have a few days to catch up with family and friends; full of anticipation for the next three weeks in Alaska and looking forward to sharing this next venture with you all through our photos and stories.

Our trip “Back” was amazing. We spent our few days off in Kiama, a part of the country we have never spent time in before. It is so beautiful. We enjoyed the “Blow-hole” and other sights, explored Camper Van possibilities, and generally enjoyed a few days rest before the drive north.

St Albans is a tiny town in the Hawkesbury Valley, deep in the forest, on a long winding dirt road – country which one would normally only see on foot, with rivers, lakes and rock formations to rival any where. It was a mistake really – that our GPS took us on this road, missing the main sealed road - but one we are very glad to have made. There in the middle of nowhere we performed at a house concert for a family who are caretakers of 800 acres of land owned by Franciscan Chinese Monks - a rare opportunity afforded them through a chance camping trip. We had morning tea with local farmers who graze their horses and cattle on the only surviving “Common” in Australia, on the day of their twice-yearly muster. We enjoyed the company of this musical family who commute to Sydney for work, teach Ballet in Wiseman’s Ferry, home school their children and generally live the good country life Australia affords us – totally inspirational.

It was a long drive to the Gold Coast – 11 hours I think. A lot of road works but very few towns to drive through – the journey gets shorter every time we do it. And on the Gold Coast – more amazing people to meet. An indigenous couple runs a small but very alive church in Nerang. Here we did a concert (organized by our friend Rex who we met up with at a house concert in Brisbane at the beginning of the year) before driving home via Brackenridge to have dinner with Stevie and Bec.


Coming up:


Since 1996 a World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People has been held. Birthed in New Zealand it has been to Israel, The Philippines, Australia, South Dakota, and Hawaii. At the same time a small group of people started meeting in New Zealand to reach out to the Maori people through their own native culture, under the name of Te Haerenga. We have been privileged to be involved in these two organisations over the years, learning so much from what they bring to the table. We now find ourselves ready to board a plane to Alaska, to sing and tell our stories to the indigenous people there. We feel very honoured to have been invited and excited to be going to this land, which for us has always held such mystery. On Saturday the 2nd July we fly to LA, Seattle and Fairbanks; will take part in a family camp, then tour Alaska for two weeks before flying home on the 25th, landing in Brisbane on the 27th July.


More dates this year:


Maroochy Surf Club: 1st August, 14th September, 5th October, 2nd November, 7th December.

17th – 23rd August: Rarotonga – family wedding

15th September – 4th October: New Zealand Tour – East Coast Band tour with Dave White from Incedo. Dates TBC

16th November – 6th December: New Zealand Tour – Christchurch to Auckland. Dates TBC

Its about the half way point now - we have gone "There" and will start the journey "Back" in a couple of days. We have, as seems to be the norm these days, picked up a few extra gigs along the way and this tour has altogether been nothing short of wonderful:

Time is marching on faster these days it seems. We are at home “resting” for a few weeks, getting ready for the next few months, which are looking like being very busy. We are learning that at our age we need to pace ourselves: the recovery time is longer and the preparation time longer as well. However we have come back from New Zealand with the assurance that what we are doing is a good thing. We have had so much encouragement and support, making it hard not to smile a very big smile at the future. We have come a long way from 2004 when our lives were turned upside down and are seeing the fruits of these last 12 years of reinventing ourselves.

Newsletter – April 2016

Time is marching on faster these days it seems. We are at home “resting” for a few weeks, getting ready for the next few months, which are looking like being very busy. We are learning that at our age we need to pace ourselves: the recovery time is longer and the preparation time longer as well. However we have come back from New Zealand with the assurance that what we are doing is a good thing. We have had so much encouragement and support, making it hard not to smile a very big smile at the future. We have come a long way from 2004 when our lives were turned upside down and are seeing the fruits of these last 12 years of reinventing ourselves.

Looking back over the last three years it seems that our time has mostly been spent touring – in Europe, in New Zealand and around Australia. Our touring has taken on a new shape. We begin with a plan, perhaps with a single invitation, and make preparation to leave whether the details are finalised or not. As we leave home the bones of the tour get covered in muscle and flesh, and a certain amount of fat as well. We are learning as we go and finding our way through making mistakes and sometimes getting it right. It is a very enjoyable life and often I have to pinch myself to remind me that it is real. We feel privileged to be doing the thing we love most, when so many on the planet are far from able to do that.

The cogs in the Apirana household turn quite slowly but our plan is to continue working on our house when we are home and to keep on touring here and overseas as much as possible, wherever, and whenever we can. We have fallen in love afresh with this great big sparse land we live in and want to be available for anything we can do to spread a little faith and hope through our music and stories. We love going overseas as well and love going back to New Zealand whenever we can.

The Back Roads Tour of New Zealand was a great success. It was amazing to be a part of it and we are so grateful to each of you who helped make it a happen. For every concert there is always much more to do than just turn up on the night and we want to acknowledge the hard work, commitment and determination from all who helped. We feel very much like just one small cog in a very big machine. So a big thank you to all the organisers, hosts, concert goers, to all of you who came with words of encouragement, to all of you who bought our CDs, who donated funds, who gave of your time in any small way. And last but not least, thanks to God our father who seems to be able to orchestrate all this from behind the scenes without any fuss at all.

So to the future: we head off towards Melbourne in a couple of short weeks, via Narrandera and Mildura and come home through Bairnsdale and Sydney to be home by the end of June. On the 2nd July we head off to Alaska: we are very excited to be going and looking forward to being part of a family camp being run by friends from New Zealand. We will be away for three weeks then after a few weeks to recoup we head off to Rarotonga in August, then back to New Zealand in September, and again in November; to be back home for Christmas – looking forward to Carols in the Park in Pomona again.

We appreciate your prayers and support and always enjoy hearing back from you too. If you would like us to do a concert for you please let us know. House concerts are proving to be a good thing to do these days as they provide a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Visit our website for more information. We are happy to play anywhere and look forward to working with you in your corner of the world.

Till next time, love always,

Steve and Ainsley Apirana

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