Time is marching on faster these days it seems. We are at home “resting” for a few weeks, getting ready for the next few months, which are looking like being very busy. We are learning that at our age we need to pace ourselves: the recovery time is longer and the preparation time longer as well. However we have come back from New Zealand with the assurance that what we are doing is a good thing. We have had so much encouragement and support, making it hard not to smile a very big smile at the future. We have come a long way from 2004 when our lives were turned upside down and are seeing the fruits of these last 12 years of reinventing ourselves.

Looking back over the last three years it seems that our time has mostly been spent touring – in Europe, in New Zealand and around Australia. Our touring has taken on a new shape. We begin with a plan, perhaps with a single invitation, and make preparation to leave whether the details are finalised or not. As we leave home the bones of the tour get covered in muscle and flesh, and a certain amount of fat as well. We are learning as we go and finding our way through making mistakes and sometimes getting it right. It is a very enjoyable life and often I have to pinch myself to remind me that it is real. We feel privileged to be doing the thing we love most, when so many on the planet are far from able to do that.

The cogs in the Apirana household turn quite slowly but our plan is to continue working on our house when we are home and to keep on touring here and overseas as much as possible, wherever, and whenever we can. We have fallen in love afresh with this great big sparse land we live in and want to be available for anything we can do to spread a little faith and hope through our music and stories. We love going overseas as well and love going back to New Zealand whenever we can.

The Back Roads Tour of New Zealand was a great success. It was amazing to be a part of it and we are so grateful to each of you who helped make it a happen. For every concert there is always much more to do than just turn up on the night and we want to acknowledge the hard work, commitment and determination from all who helped. We feel very much like just one small cog in a very big machine. So a big thank you to all the organisers, hosts, concert goers, to all of you who came with words of encouragement, to all of you who bought our CDs, who donated funds, who gave of your time in any small way. And last but not least, thanks to God our father who seems to be able to orchestrate all this from behind the scenes without any fuss at all.

So to the future: we head off towards Melbourne in a couple of short weeks, via Narrandera and Mildura and come home through Bairnsdale and Sydney to be home by the end of June. On the 2nd July we head off to Alaska: we are very excited to be going and looking forward to being part of a family camp being run by friends from New Zealand. We will be away for three weeks then after a few weeks to recoup we head off to Rarotonga in August, then back to New Zealand in September, and again in November; to be back home for Christmas – looking forward to Carols in the Park in Pomona again.

We appreciate your prayers and support and always enjoy hearing back from you too. If you would like us to do a concert for you please let us know. House concerts are proving to be a good thing to do these days as they provide a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Visit our website for more information. We are happy to play anywhere and look forward to working with you in your corner of the world.

Till next time, love always,

Steve and Ainsley Apirana

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