Another tour is at an end and as we head home we look back over our four weeks here in the North Island of New Zealand with gratitude. It is a privilege and a joy to be able to do what we do and we so appreciate all you who have given us the opportunity to sing and share our stories, a bed, a meal, and so much more. The heat and humidity has been way above our expectations and we head home having left all warm clothing at the bottom of our bags – a big surprise – wondering if there will be more of the same on the Sunshine coast when we return.

From Tauranga to Hamilton, Auckland to Snell’s Beach, back to Auckland and down to Foxton, to Auckland again and up to Whangarei the tour looked on paper a little less thought out than should have been. However we have to say there was not one step along the way we would have done differently. Each new stop was a highlight not to be compared with the last. This country is filled with generous kind and loving people who do so much in their individual communities. It is always a privilege for us to pass through and be a small part of their faithful and often difficult commitment.

So the year has begun in great style and we eagerly await the unfolding of the next leg. We head off to Melbourne and Sydney in a few weeks:

Our first port of call is Yass in New South Wales. From there we go to Churches in Parkdale and Footscray in Melbourne, both regular and much loved stops for us. We will be in Melbourne for a week only before heading back up north to Sydney where we play at Sonrise Church in Paramatta and at a house concert in French’s Forest. Our final stop is Russel Island, off the coast of Brisbane. Full details of dates, times and locations will follow in the next week. Till then, enjoy the last of the summer weather.

God bless you all

Steve and Ainsley Apirana 

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