The Vierslag is a giant house in a tiny village in Zeeland. It will be home for us for another five weeks. Life is full, busy and fulfilling: we are always meeting new people, singing in all sorts of different environments, and having new experiences in this very different culture. We are very thankful to Atlantic Bridge for giving us this amazing opportunity.

This is a bit of an overview, or summary if you like. We are finished the first part of our european tour and into the next stage. Back in Kruiningen and doing concerts around the Netherlands.

Jet Lagggggggg Schools and House concerts, on the road again today - heading for Nurnberg, then on to Slovenia.
Capo Beach Calvary Chapel: three services back to back, lunch at a genuine mexican restaurant care of Nathan; evening service at Cottonwood Church, Los Alamitos, dinner at Spagitelli's, Bed

Biked around Dana Point and saw part three of Men In Black - a good day

Day two: we move to the condo
Its 2pm in LA, the sun is trying to come through the haze, we have slept a few hours but I'm hungry now - time to search for food......

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