Sunday SEPT 18

10.00am  Tauranga C3 church CONCERT

(Tauranga Arataki community centre Zambuck Way Arataki, Mount Maunganui, 3116) 

Monday SEPT 19

12.15pm Opotiki High SCHOOL Assembly

Wednesday SEPT 21

9.00 – 10.00am Te Araroa SCHOOL

11.30- 12.30 Hicks Bay SCHOOL Assembly

Thursday SEPT 22

2.00pm Ngata College

7.30pm St Francis Parish Hall Ruatoria: CONCERT

Saturday SEPT 24

7.00pm Wainui Beach School Hall: CONCERT

             (56 Wairere Road, Wainui)

Sunday SEPT 25

10.00am Wainui Beach School Hall: CHURCH SERVICE

              (56 Wairere Road, Wainui)

6.00pm Equippers Church Hastings: CHURCH SERVICE

              (306 Hapuku Street, Hastings)

Tuesday SEPT 27

Rangipo Prison: SHOW for Prisoners

Wednesday SEPT 28

7.00pm New Plymouth City Life: CONCERT

               (24 Egmont Street, New Plymouth)

Thursday SEPT 29

7.00pm Hawere A/G: CONCERT

                (192 High Street, Hawera)

 Saturday OCT 1

Stratford: BALL for Idea Services


1966. I was 14 at the time, ( work it out if you must ), Kawhia Town Hall. The Fred Porima Band. I was the drummer,never played the drums before but my brother Brownie told Fred I could play so we could get in for free. No rehearsal,just get behind the drums and hit them and don't slow down or speed up. I lasted an hour and a half before Hono Pikia turned up and took over because he was a much better drummer, plus he used the bass pedal. I was demoted to rhythm guitar. Nevertheless it was my first experience as a bona fide band member and sparked a desire that only "being in a band "could satisfy. Since then I've been involved in a few bands but mostly performed as a solo artist and more recently as part of a duo that my wife Ainsley and I have formed and have had a great time touring and sharing music and stories. We are grateful and feel privileged to be still involved in the musical realm but every now and again when we see or hear a band creating a living organism together we can only say "...if only...".
So when some one with insight and foresight decides to put a band together to tour the middle regions of the north island of NewZealand and,better still,asks Ainsley and I to become active members well who can blame us for shouting for joy and jumping at the opportunity. Hence the "ApiranaExperience"( apologies to Jimi ) hits the highway mid September with Ainsley and I and the "Hamiltonians" ( 5 handpicked musicians from the Waikato)and if we are not coming to a venue near your present place of abode then we can only apologise for this unfortunate oversight and hope to include you in the next go round. 
Dave White, tour manager will keep us in line and make sure we eat and rest healthily as well as keeping everybody from shirking their/our duties. Also he will be our bench muso in case someone sustains an injury- actually I think he's the full time bass player so he's a very capable person. 
Thanks for everybody's support, prayerfully or financially or both and we will endeavour to be good stewards of your support as we share our experiences and gifts and present the gospel to everyone we come in contact with. 
So the band will play.
Thank you Dave for putting it all together and Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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