There and Back

Its about the half way point now - we have gone "There" and will start the journey "Back" in a couple of days. We have, as seems to be the norm these days, picked up a few extra gigs along the way and this tour has altogether been nothing short of wonderful: from the starting point in the Pomona Memorial Hall, at the small but ever faithful, community focused church held there every Sunday morning; to Narrandera where Dave and Trish Polhill have for more than twenty years run regular hands-on youth programs, touching the lives of just about every child growing up in the town during those years; to Mildura and the family where Dad is Mayor and Mum is a traveling preacher and the community chips in to keep the three special needs young adult sons busy and safe; to Melbourne where we have had rare and precious time with our two youngest while doing four concerts across the city and still managing to catch up with some of our precious friends. (A big thankyou to Lois and Stewart for their amazing hospitality and friendship).

Yesterday we drove across from Melbourne to Bairnsdale to begin practicing with the local band put together by singer songwriter Charlie Campbell, getting ready for the weekend’s gigs in Lakes Entrance. Its warmer here on the east coast and the sun is shining and we are looking forward to being part of a band.

After the weekend we head north to St Albans, Gold Coast and home. We have never been to this part of the country before and are looking forward to a few days of exploring the coastline between Lakes Entrance and Wollongong – more adventures on the “Back” side of our tour.

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