Hi there. April has been rather hectic and unfortunately Steve caught a nasty dose of the flu and had to cancel his gig in Brisbane last weekend - thank you so much to Adrian Ross who filled in for Steve at the last minute and delighted the audience with his own unique style. What would we do without friends. Steve is on the mend but still laying low. His main project at the moment is his new recording which he works on night and day - when he is not sick with the flu. Its sounding good and we are very excited. There are songs that go back many years and some brand new. Molly and I sang at the Cooran Markets last Saturday - Tina had organized a womans' day. (Steve was allowed to accompany us on his guitar}. We did mostly covers and it was lots of fun. Thanks to all our fans who came to listen. These days Its taking all my time and energy to get the changes in our house organized for the studio and concert venue - what a massive job it is. Its lots of fun though and exciting for me as I have been dreaming of it for quite a few years now. Steve and I have been working on some new songs for gigs too. Molly has been doing some recording with friends and Stevie is organising a hip hop night at the Villa in May - look out for the posters - should be a great night.

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