Its all happening, Steve and Ainsley are going to Europe to tour once again with Atlantic Bridge. They will be based in Holland and travel across to Eastern Europe playing in schools and churches over the months of July through to October. Then in November they will tour in the States with John Oostdyke, the director of Atlantic Bridge, raising awareness and support. John writes in his newsletter: 

Apirana in America
November 2 - 23, 2014.
After a tour of Europe (from July 1 - October 30), Steve and Ainsley Apirana will be doing a three week tour of the USA, starting November 1 in the Atlanta GA area and working our way up north.
I am very much looking forward to joining them. Already we are making plans. Three of the oldest youth ministers on the planet on tour together! On our website you can find the initial tour schedule. (

if you would like to support Steve and Ainsley Apirana and their ministry you can make a donation by clicking here
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