January has come and nearly gone. I don't know about you but I have really enjoyed the rain - except for the mould that has grown on everything. It has been such a relief from the extreme heat of the last few summers. Well it is going to be an exciting year for us. We are putting a recording studio into our house and plan to make many recordings ! We have been collecting songs over a few years now and new albums have been a long time in the coming. Our kids are also keen to get into the studio and put together their creations so it should be an exciting year. We are also contemplating an overseas tour which will happen or not depending on how progress with the studio goes. Hopefully it will not take too long to come together and we can fit in the tour as well. So January and February will see us reorganising things round the house to accommodate the new studio - a big cleanout is in order and long over due. We are also planning a party. We want to thank everyone who helped us over the last four years and expecially in that first year - 2004. We are finally feeling like we have some closure on it all and can breath again. So we want to celebrate and just give thanks for all the amazing things people did to help us along the way. It should be a great night so I hope you all who know who you are will come. The date is yet to be finalised but will hopefully be in March - so keep a look out for it coming soon. Lots of love to everyone. Steve and Ainsley.

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