We are currently back in New Zealand for two weeks - in the devastated city of Christchurch. Much has been done already to fix the damage but with large after shock's still happening a lot of the work cannot be done and people still remain in their damaged houses wondering what to do next and when the nightmare will all end. For some there has been no damage but for others it has been a major catastrophy. It is however bringing neighbourhoodss together to connect with and help each other. So we are here for good friend Wally (Tetaki) Tairakena's 60th Birthday Party 1pm on Sunday afternoon, the 31st October. It will be a wonderful concert, at Micky Finns in Christchurch and all are welcome. But before that, the Velvettes are doing a reunion concert tonight - at Al's Bar, 9pm in Dundas Street, Christchurch, and then Steve and I play at the Art's Centre - at the Craft Market, tomorrow at 2pm. Hope to catch up with lots of old friends while we're here - come along and say hi and join in the fun.

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