Steve and I have been home for a month and battling with the old flu virus. Just as well it hit when we were not touring but we don't have long to shake it off as touring resumes fairly shortly. And while we are home Steve is madly working on his new album. Andy will be up next week to put down some more tracks and Steve is busy lining up soloists, hammond organs and all sorts in between working day in and day out on his guitar licks. Changes are afoot with the next generation: Stevie is going full time at Uni and cutting back on his work commitments to concentrate on his studies, Bec finishes her Honours degree in Psychology and will be working full time, Molly is hanging out in New Zealand for the next little while and touring with her Dad, and Reuben is moving home and will be working in security - he is completing his course this week, Shirelle is still in Gympie with her kids, Kuru is in Adelaide working busily on the fishing boats and Reina and Wai have moved house and are now another suburb away from the airport - but still close enough to have as many catch ups as we can fit in. I am spending all my spare time working on my book getting as much done as I can before May when Cooran Street Festival meetings will resume - for this years Tall Trees on Sunday the 10th October. We have been invited to Europe next year and are hoping to make it a world trip again. Its been seven years since our last trip so we might as well make the most of the opportunity and do the round trip - hopefully catch up with all our good friends from other parts of the world. So life is good and we are blessed to be a part of it.

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