Things are happening too fast: we go to the Netherlands via the States in less than six weeks. It is all very exciting but there is so much to do. We will be in Europe for about two months - June to Mid August - playing at schools and churches from The netherlands, through Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia etc. Then we will go to Britain for a month or so and hopefully to Portugal for a couple of weeks before coming home. It is ten years since we were there last with our two children Molly and Reuben. It will seem strange to be there without them. Our first trip was with Stevie as well back when they were quite small. I have wanted to go back ever since the last trip, so it is the fulfillment of a long held dream. We hope to catch up with the wonderful people we met, those who hosted us, those wonderful people who loaned us their cars houses etc. It is an amazing way to see the world - staying with the local people, shown the sights by those who have lived in the area their whole lives. I am very excited to be part of a new adventure over there. meanwhile, Steve and I spend our days getting songs ready and ,making sure everything is in place here at home before we go. Please pray for us as we set out on this new adventure. It is 30 years since we were married and sixty years since Steve was born, so it is a year to celebrate.

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