Its our last few days in New Zealand before we head home again. We've had a wonderful time here. Its been refreshing to spend time with wonderful friends; to visit Taranaki once again, and to be a part of Stations of the Cross with Dave and Chris White and Incedo over the week leading up to Easter. We sat on two chairs over the water of the fountain in the centre of the Italian Garden in Hamilton Botanical Gardens and sang a medley of three songs for two hours each night for a week. For us it was dark - we had lights in our faces so we could be seen. People wandered through, with their torches to light the way, some stopped and listened for a while, some whispered encouraging comments. Kind volunteers brought us hot chocolate, flat whites and chai's through the night to warm our voices and Steve and I enjoyed the songs over and over again till we knew the words by heart. The rain held off every night until the last when it dumped bucket loads on us for five minutes to clear the skies. I am hoping the sound desk survived. For the rest of the night we had to run the voices through the speakers (one each) and the backing track just from the CD player itself - an interesting mix with one speaker facing north, the other east and the cd player facing south. Someone said the effect was "magical". Dave puts in six months each year to produce this dynamic, challenging, inspiring and artistically excellent experience for the people of Hamilton: he is a champion! 

We have a month at home before our big overseas trip. In that month we will release my new album - Cappuccinos and Vanilla Squares. The launch will be at a house concert in Cooran, then Cds will be available through Koorong in Australia, Someone up There in New Zealand and CD baby and iTunes online. 18th May, 3pm, 6 King Street Cooran.

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