Steve Apirana is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist, with an extraordinary sense of humour. From opening line to curtain fall he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. He has been playing in bands since the early seventies when he formed Butler, which became a household name alongside Dragon and Split Enz and played to large audiences throughout New Zealand. In the eighties he formed sixties spoof band, The Velvettes, playing till the early nineties before relocating to Australia, where he now resides with his family. For three decades he has played solo and in bands all over the globe, equally at home on his Martin Acoustic as with a band on his Fender Strat.

He teams up with wife Ainsley to perform as a duo, regularly plays with Derek Lind and tours with Jim Doak, Ainsley and Mark Raffles in the Dirt Floor Alliance. His latest album, “This Wretched Man” is the culmination of three years of recording, twenty years of writing and over thirty years of experience on the road. The songs reflect his faith, culture, personal convictions, and musical influences and come in various styles from ballad to blues, country to rock, and folk to soul. The bedrock for most of the songs came out of the synergy of ex-Velvettes members, Graeme Flaws and Wally Tairakena on bass and drums, producer/engineer Andy Sorenson on keyboard and Steve Apirana on guitar. Adding to the mix are the voices of family members, friends and the odd session singer and musician.

Steve tours throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Europe - in fact anywhere he is asked, and plays both both solo and with a full band and backing singers.

Early days in Butler in the seventies - Steve with Hori Synnott, Matthew Warren and Robert Adams. For more information go to

Judah Band - started back in the seventies - Wally Tairakena, Steve, Ali Duffey, Donna Tairakena and Tony Bailley

DIRT FLOOR ALLIANCE - Jim Doak,Steve Apirana, Ainsley Apirana and Mark Raffles. Dirt Floor Alliance is on hold for a little while but we hope to back again in 2015. We have been playing together for many years now, touring north and south islands of New Zealand every alternate year. The plan is to be back with new songs and new poems to tour Australia next year.

The Velvettes, back in the eighties - Steve, Wally Tairakena, Kit Grenon and Graeme Flaws

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