Atlantic Bridge
Atlantic Bridge stands for building bridges of friendship and faith, and breaking down walls between youth from different cultural, denominational and ethnic backgrounds. A typical year for Atlantic Bridge includes a wide variety of events and programs that your youth group may participate in. Some of our events are annual or involve groups that have a special ongoing link between them; other events are planned as opportunity arises. Atlantic Bridge wants to link you with youth throughout Europe in order to help your youth group develop, to strengthen existing youth work, or to initiate new youth work. All of our events and programs contain these elements: building, linking, training and supporting youth work.
Strings and Beyond
We buy our strings through this website. They are great to work with: quality products and good service.
Maori Television
This video clip was made for Maori Television in July this year - an interview with Steve while touring on the East Coast - North Island, New Zealand.
Steve Apirana on Facebook
If you would like to, you can chat to Steve on Facebook. 


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